Ross Kemp On Gangs

Ross travels overseas to places such as the stricken East Timor, and the homicide capital of the world, Kingston, Jamaica.

Season 4
Ep 1 Liverpool
Length 45mins
The BAFTA-winning documentary series returns for a fourth year as Ross Kemp goes back to the world's deadliest ganglands in search of the most dangerous gangs. The BAFTA-winning series investigates problems closer to home as Ross Kemp meets teenage gang members in Liverpool. (strong language, violent scenes).
Ep 2 Los Angeles
Length 45mins
In this episode of the BAFTA-winning series, Ross heads stateside to investigate gang wars in Los Angeles. (strong language, violent scenes).
Ep 3 Bulgaria
Length 45mins
Sky1's BAFTA-winning series continues as Ross Kemp travels to Bulgaria to investigate the secretive world of gypsy gangs. (Strong language, violent scenes).
Ep 4 Belize
Length 45mins
Ross Kemp travels to the smallest country in the Americas, Belize, to investigate its deadly gang culture. (Strong language, violent scenes).
Ep 5 Kenya
Length 65mins
This charity appeal special investigates the devastating poverty the street children of Kenya live in as they survive on rubbish dumps. Ross and the team ask what you can do to help. (Disturbing scenes).