Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates

Sky1's BAFTA-winning documentary team go in search of pirates off the coasts of Nigeria, Somalia and the seas of South East Asia. This three part series will see Ross journey to some of the most dangerous regions on the planet to document the increasing risk of piracy on the world's oceans.

Season 1
Episode 1
Length 44mins
Before heading to the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia, Ross Kemp's quest to get to the root of the recent upsurge in piracy begins in London, the city at the centre of maritime finance, where the economic implications of a threat to world trade routes are explored.
Episode 2
Length 44mins
Ross heads to Nigeria, home of the world's bloodiest, yet least reported piracy attacks. Thrown into the chaos, corruption and anarchy of Lagos, the most densely populated city in Africa, Ross soon discovers that the problem of piracy is worse than he imagined.
Episode 3
Length 44mins
Ross Kemp and the BAFTA-winning documentary team conclude their investigation into modern day piracy in South East Asia, where Ross goes out to sea with a band of pirates.